Cartoomics 2018

This year also the Noise Press participates with its stand at Milan Cartoomics. This 25th edition it is an unmissable event for all Lombard comics fan. The most important publishing houses will be present with their authors. At our stand (PAVILION 16 - STAND E14) you will find some of our authors: Roberta Ingranata, Vincenzo Federici, Paolo Maini, Francesca Follini, Lucio Perrimezzi and many others; it will be available "Winterdeth01", the new science fiction comic by Pamela Poggiali, Alessio Landi and Luca Panciroli, the last two present at the stand in session signatures and sketches.



Ma Che Ne Sai Se Non Hai Visto Gli 8 Bit!

Vincenzo Viska Federici​ talks about his love for videogames expecially for The Street Fighters Saga that insipired his comic book "The Kabuki Fight - Alpha", written and drawned by him and colored by Valentina Pinto.​You can find it on our shop:



The Quest 02

Finally comes the second volume of The Quest, the fantasy written, drawn and colored by Lorenzo Maglianesi. Spectacular movie quotes and references to the world of manga and anime give rise to the vicissitudes of John Due di Picche, a crook who lives in the most dishonest possible way, and the Warrior, his muscular and taciturn companion of journey. The volume is perfectly enjoyable even by those who have not read the first issue thanks to Lorenzo's fictional ability. 72 color pages in 17X24 format, embellished by a jacket that stylistically refers to that of the first volume and the postponement of Paolo Maini.

The Quest - Facebook


Ophidian - Avvento For "Dead Blood Presenta", The New Series Noise Press

An Noise Press arrives "Dead Blood Presenta," the new line of graphic novels exploring the horror from a different point of view. Ophidian - Avvento of Lucio Perrimezzi and Francesca Follini is the first volume of two and deals the fight between Hell and Paradise by a overturned perspective modifying the concept of GOOD and EVIL. 80 pages in grayscale , embellished by six tributes by some of the greatest Italian talents: Mirka Andolfo, Fabio Babic, Cecilia Lo Valvo, Luca Russo, Sakka and Matteo Scalera.

Ophidian a Lucca Comics&Games 2017


A Sort Of Fairytale - Vol.3

At Lucca Comics&Games it will be available the third and final volume of "A Sort of Fairytale". Unlike the two previous volumes that integrate into the story several pages featuring characters and animals, the inside pages will be entirely dedicated to the story, and the latest pages, usually used for special content, will be used for the unexpected conclusion. The last two chapters of the saga explain why Grant and the Professor are in conflict: an hope for the world. The story has a very poetic ending that closes the saga in an exciting and moving crescendo.

Facebook - A Sort of Fairytale


Treviso Comic Book Festival 2017

This year, Noise Press arrives also in Treviso at the "Treviso Comic Book Festival" event. The comic convention will last two days (September 23-24, 2017) and it will see many Italian publishers as Bao Publishing, Manticora, Hollow Press, Kleiner Flug, Coconino, ReNoir. Francesca Follini will be at the stand, we will soon see her, in partnership with Lucio Perrimezzi, at work for the graphic novel edited by Noise Press "Ophidian"; Federico Vicentini, artist of the fourth issue of "The Steams" (you will find it at Lucca 2017) and Federico Toffano, artist in the fourth issue of the Dead Blood miniseries.


The Steam Chronicles: Everything You Do Not Know About The Steams.

Noise Press announces some news and previews for Lucca Comics & Games 2017. The Steams Chronicles is the first comic presented. It contains six stories of six different creative teams: Frigerio - Qualano - Miriade, Fresh - Cabras - Iozzoli, Landi - Carratù - Colasante, Colella - Derosas - Carotenuto, Polizzo - Maglianesi, Martini - Quaglia. The stories tell the past of some of the characters already known by readers and present new characters that enrich the colorful world of The Steams. As usual, Noise Press matches internal stories with some pages with special contents and illustrations created for the issue.


Summer Sales 2017!

Everyone is ready to go for the much-desired summer vacation but... do not forget to put the comics in the suitcase!!! This year, Noise Press, promotes summer sales on the entire catalog on from 1 July to 31 August 2017. Waiting for the new releases of September and previews at Lucca Comics & Games (November 1 - November 5, 2017) launches the promotion -25% on the catalog including the volumes of "Voice" and the issues of "The Steams" and "Dead Blood". If you missed some number or volumes it's time to take advantage of it. Good reading and good holidays!!!

Noise Press Shop


Stay Nerd! Interview To Luca Frigerio Of Noise Press.

During the three days of Arf! Stay Nerd's Andrea Giovalé's interviewed the editor-in-chief of Noise Press; They talked about the ongoing convention to break the ice and then tell how, in the specific case of Noise, to make the editorial line varied and varied without, however, losing sight of the heart and soul actions that distinguish the volumes edited by the publisher. The discussion has shifted to the media and how they have a positive impact on the comic market, on the "The Kabuki Fight" sold out at the Comicon in Naples, and then let us know what a comic bookmaker wants to impress a publisher .


Arf! Calendario Autori

At ARF! Festival Noise Press has a busy schedule of authors: in these three days our artists of old and new issues will alternate in signature and sketches sessions dedicated to those who buy the Noise comic books. After the sold-out at Comicon, Vincenzo Viska Federici and Valentina Pinto reach Rome for a new sketch session for "The Kabuki Fight". Furthermore, there will be other Roman (and not) artists Federico Sabbatini, Davide Pandozy, Fabrizio Capigatti, Pasquale Qualano, Paolo Maini, Daniele Cosentino, Davido Ferracci, Marcello Iozzoli, Gabriele Derosas, Riccardo Frezza, Alessandro Di Virgilio and Valentina Marucci. A team of authors who will color this three intense days.

Arf! Festival


Arf! Festival

This year, also Noise Press participates with its stand at the Spring Festival in Rome, the Arf! Coming to the third edition is setting as one of the required appointments for all comic book lovers. Great guests and wonderful exposures will be the strongest dishes of this three days, and don't forget the Noise Press authors who will be present at the event. Stay tuned to know the calendar!

Arf! Festival


"The Kabuki Fight" Conquers France

After the SOLD OUT at Napoli Comicon, the new volume of the Voice series, The Kabuki Fight, landed in France. The new Noise Press publication, written and drawed by Vincenzo "Viska" Federici and colored by Valentina Pinto, conquers the French blog, dedicated to the "bande-dessinée", Univers Comics. This is not the first time that Viska's style surprises and delights the French audience so much that it suggests a French-language publication.

Univers Comics


The Steams 3 Is Here!

During the Napoli Comicon the third issue of the Steampunk series "The Steams" came out. This new issue sees the conclusion of one of two stories, the story about Azarov, a few words but a tender heart boxer. Finally we will know the end of the adventure enjoying a final clash like the two ones of the previous numbers. On the opposite side of the board, we will discover what is happening to Lady Caitlin before knowing the end of this miniserie, but don't be afraid: the redhead girl will accompany us for a long time telling us more of her rocambolesque adventures. What about the covers? On one of the two ones Daniele Cosentino and Marcello Iozzoli prepare us at the last match on the ring of Azarov with a specially created poster, on the other side, Pasquale Qualano, an international artist, with the colors of Mattia Zoanni make us live the moment before the scuffle showing us, reflected on a mirror of Ward's home, a lady far from troubles! Waiting for the drum roll before knowing the new story of The Steams 4 and his brand new team of authors, we let you read this comic-book.


Comicon 2017 - Map

From April 28 to May 1, 2017 there will be in Naples one of the most important conventions of comics in Italy: Comicon. This year Noise Press doubles: thanks to last year's success and the collaborations with Neapolitan artists (but famous internationally) such Pasquale Qualano, Vincenzo Federici and Valentina Pinto confirms its presence introducing some of its most ambitious projects like "the Kabuki Fight". Noise Press stand will be located at the same place of the last year more precisely in Pavillon 2 - E13. If you will see from a distance a strange hairy creature with two-tone horns, follow it: it will take you straight to the stand!

Comicon 2017 - Map


Authors Calendar - Comicon 2017

The Noise Press arrives in Naples and invades Comicon and even with it, its authors. It will be presented "The Kabuki Fight - Alpha" by Vincenzo Federici and Valentina Pinto; the comic combines in an original way the performance of kabuki theatre and one of the videogames pillars: beat'em up... but the news doesn't stop here: you can have a preview of the "Aeterna" oncoming volume and meet the authors Alessandro Di Virgilio and Luca Cicognola. They will be present at the stand even some artists of the miniseries "Dead Blood" (Leonardo Colapietro - Federico Sabbatini - Fabrizio Capigatti) and the series "The Steams" (Pasquale Qualano - Marcello Iozzoli - Vincenzo Carratù - Antonio Sepe).

Comicon 2017


Romics - 6/9 April 2017

La ventunesima edizione di Romics è alle porte e, anche quest'anno la Noise Press sarà presente con i suoi autori, un'importante nuova uscita e una piccola anteprima. L'albo che verrà presentato è il quarto e conclusivo numero della miniserie "Dead Blood" completamente targata Noise Press che vede, appunto, la chiusura di questo ciclo con artisti del calibro di: Leonardo Colapietro, Andrea Guglielmino, Riccardo Frezza, Valentina Marucci, Federico Sabbatini, Fabrizio Capigatti e Federico Toffano, alcuni dei quali saranno presenti allo stand per sketch e dediche. In contemporanea, sarà possibile avere l'anteprima del volume "The Kabuki Fight" di prossima uscita a Napoli Comicon e incontrare la colorista Valentina Pinto. Troverete la Noise Press al PADIGLIONE 7 - STAND D9.


Scouting At Comicon Napoli

WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOUNG TALENTS! Are you ready? Also Noise Press joins the Scouting during Napoli COMICON 2017 (28th April - 1st May 2017). It will be a great opportunity to meet us! HOW CAN I PARTECIPATE? To partecipate and SHOW US YOUR PORTFOLIO in a confidential meeting, you have to make a reservation writing to: (WITHIN THE 20th of March). WHAT DO I HAVE TO WRITE ON THE E-MAIL? On e-mail you will send to (deadline: the 20th of March) you must: – Indicate your name and Surname – indicate your phone number – Choose "Noise Press" among the 3 publishers you will show your book – Send a low resolution PDF (max 10 Mb) including at least two pin up and 4 complete comic pages (drawn, inked or even colored) "THEME": Also the COMICON recommend it: you must present pertinent works to the publisher you choose! WHAT WE ARE SEARCHING FOR AT NOISE PRESS: We publish action comics :) Fantasy, Horror, Steampunk... the trait-d'union is our love for american comics. WHAT WE AREN'T SEARCHING FOR: Manga and comic for children for Noise Press doesn't work. ILLUSTRATIONS OR COMIC PAGES? Better comic pages! If possible new ones, so we could better appreciate them ;) ONLY DRAWERS OR ALSO WRITERS? Unfortunately the COMICON scouting is only for DRAWERS. Purtroppo lo scouting a Napoli COMICON vale solo per i DISEGNATORI. All the other artists could send their works to: ... AND THEN? By the 7th of April who will be choosen will be contacted.

Portofolio Review - Napoli Comicon 2017


Noise Press In Library

One year after landing in the comicstore thanks to Manicomix, the Noise Press is taking another step forward by signing a distribution agreement with the "Consorzio Distributori Associati " that will bring the books to the library. In the next few months it will be able to find all our publications in bookstores, from big chains of stores to the independent libraries.


Fantastica Reggio Calabria

On Dicember 8 - 9 - 10, NoisePress will take part at Fantastica Reggio Calabria, a newborn event of games and comics at "Castello Aragonese" of Reggio Calabria. Admission in free and there you will meet many authors; we are at Publisher Area (Area Editori).


Scouting Area Pro - Lucca Comics 2016

Even this year Noise Press scouts new artists. On Lucca Comics&Games web site you'll find all the infos.

Lucca Comics&Games 2016


Lucca Comics&games 2016

Also this year Noise arrives in Lucca bringing several news authors e some surprise! You will find it in Padiglione "Giglio", Stand E307.


Calendar Appointments With Noise Press Authors - Lucca Comics&games

This is the calendar with the appointment with Noise Press authors at Lucca Comics&Games 2016. For all five days our artists will interchange at our stand (Padiglione Giglio - Stand E307) in sessions of sketches and autograph.


Romics 29 September - 2 October 2016

This year Noise Press will partecipate at Romics, the most important comic convention in Rome. The list of our artists: Daniele Cosentino, Marcello Iozzoli, Pasquale Qualano, David Ferracci, Gabriele Derosas, Valentina Pinto, Vincenzo Federici, Davide Pandozy, Federico Sabbatini, Gianfranco Calise, Gianluca Manzo, Alessandro Di Virgilio.


Lamezia Comics And Co...

Lamezia Comics & Co..., organized by the Cultural Association "ATTIVAMENTE" will host Noise Press in 9-10-11 of September 2016. There will be one of our authors, Massimiliano Veltri, cartoonist of first three issue of Dead Blood.


Etna Comics - Where We Are

At Etna Comics 2016 you will find Noise Press. Padiglione F1 - Stand A24 with the artist Marcello Iozzoli, colorist of the story "Punch Drunk" included in "The Steams".


Job Arf!

Noise Press in looking for action authors for the collection Voice, projects and draftsmen. To send your candidacy read carefully the instructions on the page at this link:


Napoli Comicon

Noise Press arrives to Comicon in Napoli with its volumes. In addition to "Dead Blood", "The Steams" and "The Quest" three news: the first number of the trilogy "A Sort of Fairytale" (Paolo Maini and Ludovica Ceregatti), the posters of "Kabuki - Emblemi" that will be signed by Vincenzo Federici, the drawer of Noise next volume "Kabuki"; there will be one of the two cover designer of "The Steams 2", Pasquale Qualano, and he will sign the posters of his cover.



Paolo Maini e Ludovica Ceregatti tell us a story about adventure and a brave child and her strange friend. If you want to know it, soon "A Sort Of Fairytale" will be on your bookshelf. Soon we'll tell you when you will read first two chapters.


A Sort Of Fairytale

The story of "A Sort of Fairytale" arises in 2011 from Paolo Maini's mind, as revival of "classic" tales but the author wanted to point out the darkest and ignored aspects of these stories. The plot acquires an hint maturer and adulter but he doesn't ignore the fantastic vision and perception of a reality at the mercy of violence; however this violence is filtered by a little girl's eyes: the protagonist. The precious collaboration with young and promising Ludovica Ceregatti, started one year after the writing of first four chapters (on the whole they are six). His big contribute permitted to the story to become sweeter and imaginary but preserving the cruelty flowing from a post-apocalyptic background where hope is remembered like a sweet and mellow fantasy.


Manicomix Distribution

Thanks to the agreement with Manicomix Distribution Noise Press comic book are in all comic shops of Italy.


Noise Press At Comic Shop

Noise Press comics arrive at comic shops! After Lucca Comics&Games 2015 these following are the first five italian shops where you can buy Noise Press comics. Reggio Calabria - Loup Garou - Fumettopoli; Cosenza - Midgard; Roma - La Pulce; Guidonia - Freekomix; Seregno - Non solo libri.


Noise Press On Amazon

Noise Press comics are now available on; who wants to buy our products online can order and receive them in 3/4 days.


Lucca Comics & Games 2015

La prima partecipazione al Lucca Comics & Games della nostra Casa Editrice. Presenteremo i nostri primi tre progetti: "Dead Blood", "The Steams" e "The Quest". Ci trovate al Padiglione del Giglio, allo stand E307 dove saranno presenti anche gli autori; la Noise ospiterà, al suo stand, i ragazzi del Rackham Cafè e altre sorprese.


Le Strade Del Paesaggio

"Le Strade del Paesaggio" Festival happens every year in Cosenza, at the suggestive location of Museum Centre of Santa Chiara, an ancient and exquisitely restored monastery, now abode of the South Italy. This Festival was born for a lucky synergy between public and private corporations belonging to Cosenza territory and Cluster Co-op. This year, mentioned among publishers that partecipate in the event, Noise Press will present its first two publication; Francesco Polizzo e Marcello Iozzoli, two of the authors of the comic books, will take part to the submission.


Voice. Don't Be A Stranger!

Voice is the way to make yourself be heard. Voice is the space for different stories. Voice is Noise Press’s new collection. It’s open to all the authors that have stories to tell, may they be fantasy, noir, sci-fi, the only DISCRIMINATORY is quality. Speak out! Pipe Up!