Andrea Guglielmino

Born in 1976, Andrea Guglielmino is a journalist, an essayist, a cartoonist and probably some other "ist" he continually forgives to mension. Once he understood it's late to ask himself what he would be when he will grow up, he focus on what he would be when he will be older, dreaming a future as a successful pensioned writer who lives in an home with a terrace on the sea, as his namesake Camilleri. He writes about cinema for CinecittàNews, the official portal of Cinecittà, he directs the humorous comic web-site, he wrotes pieces for ‘Splatter’ and scripts for ’Mostri’. Andrea illustrated ‘Mastro Tasso e il suo Cappello’ (MdS Editore, 2014), a book for children and he is the author of the essay ‘Cannibali a confronto’ (Memori, 2007) and ‘Antropocinema’ (Golem Libri, 2015). for now he has neither hallucinations nor imaginary friend.