Antonio Sepe

Born in 1985, graduated in "Sociologia", Antonio Sepe germinates, blooms and is irrigated in a chaotic district of Naples. Devourer of literature and culture in the form of comics, books and movies, since he was a child, he develops a visceral dependence for vintage - pop culture and for the roaring ’80/’90. So, this insane nostalgic sentiment makes our thirdy-year-old man squander all his possessions for the most excessive collecting: in his defence, when he add the last piece of Lego to his gigantic collection, he declares: " I'm doing this for my childern". During the day is distracted from his fundamental job - writing - working for a pharmaceutical company, during the night, like all the other superheroes, he dresses up to fight crime on the white pages of his fantasy. But, most often, he is beated by a big and arcane power: the sleep.