Chiara Vatteroni

Made in Carrara like rare example, some researcher thinks this is the real reason why she's soft and comfortable like a marble block. Not to bend the rules, "Masquerade" will not tell you her age. However, we know she soon develops a mental alienation that brings her to collect a couple of degree and a master in Brand and Marketing Management Strategy. In the meantime she tried to stem her control mania, she founded SKARLET Strategies, a smiling technocrating organization that instilles in everone the demon of marketing and comunication to climb the mountain of power. But sometimes, when the poor woman ingests too much glucose and someone says tree times “Ah, so a marketing plan is not like advertising?”, her primordial personality prevails: she realizes her future is breeding the silver-plated goat of the Etna, with which she dreams a glad life, far from technology and where men live swapping the hairs of the albino macaques.