Emanuele Amato

Born in Naples in a hot July of 1985, from an early age he was portrayed in dark and dark stories. Deviated by the vision of Twin Peaks at the age of 6, on Tuesday night he saw his father Notte Horror. His growth was marked by important moments: initially he wanted to become Devilman, then, over time, he knew that it would not be possible. He hoped so in the advancement of technology to drive an EVA. They always told him that he had a special character in listening to others and when he saw Batman Begins, he decided to enroll in the Faculty of Psychology, where he graduated. He currently works on Corporate Storytelling and brand narrative strategies (all in English because it's cool) for various companies, with particular regard to cross-media and trans-media methods, with the help of neuronarratology. Specialized in Cognitive Storytelling, he combined his passion for storytelling with the approach of cognitive psychology. He writes comics for Comicus and Fumo di China. He is the founder of the collective MaliEstremi. He published his first graphic novel, Killer Show, for Shockdom. He still finds it strange to call himself a screenwriter.