Fabrizio Castano

Fabrizio Castano was born in Patti (ME) on 18th of April 1991 and he lived his childhood in Galati Mamertino 'till his brother decided to sell him to many mutant alien tramps for a bag of crisps. To escape from the mutant beard, before the complete transformation in one of them, he hide in "Liceo Artistico di Capo D’Orlando", where he is obliged to attend and finish it to escape without a trace. So his life is at a crossroads: triyng to build a machine on whose install a channeling flux to travel through time and change his attual situation or signing up at “Scuola del Fumetto di Palermo". Being difficult to find a Delorean in his town, he choose the second option, frequent the "Scuola del Fumetto di Palermo" and finish it in 2013. Fabrizio collaborates as colorist for many american project and, in 2015, works with Shockdom to realize the first episode of "Johann Wier". You can see him around Palermo ghettos finding a Delorean.