Federico Toffano

When I was a child, a Warner Bros cartoon made fun of me making me believe pencils could draw floating in the air: now I want to win it and with those pencils I draw my dreams. Venice adopted me during my studies (Beni Culturali e Scuola del Fumetto Degree), then I calloborate with "The King of colors", Emanuele Tenderini, for Dylan Dog, Dylan Dog Color Fest, Dampyr and Dei. Simultaneously I work as illustrator for different venetian organization but I have yet to illustrate subject like “poenta e osèi”. I published with Bottero Edizioni the graphic novel "Vola Mio Angelo, Vola" written by Fabrizio Capigatti and I demonstrate everyone I'm a serious person. In spite of my tempestuos relationship with superheroes, I reconciled with them thanks to the self-production “Capitan Venezia” for what I'm cartoonist and colorist. Now, here I am at Noise with my excited dumb smile :D