Francesco romolo Antonelli

Francesco was born in Terni in 1986. At 16 he overcomes the disappointment of not having developed mutant powers and, having abandoned the dream of attending the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, he turns to advertising graphics. He works as a graphic designer and not just in different studios and printing houses. He even paginates major movie magazines before realizing he was doing it for free. In all this time, however, he continues to cultivate the desire to work with comics, always adored. Among the annual visits to the kingdom of Narnia, he almost coincidentally ends up collaborating with Sergio Bonelli Editore. Perhaps because of Kabuki: The Alchemy, he really believes that there is some synchronicity in his life that binds him to tables and cartoons and decides not to let the case go anymore. He then attends the coloring course at the International School of Comics and is truly convinced that he is a colorist. Please do not tell him the truth!