Gianluca Manzo

Gianluca was a totally normal kid in his early years, until one day he got bitten by a radioactive mutating inferior Precambrian mammoth, Greca Str. Corner… next to the General Register Office… since then, he has had a serious case of deep love for comics, games and illustrations and has become a real nutcracker. Once he reached the right age, he followed the Scuola Romana dei Fumetti’s classes, where he tried to learn as much as he could. Now he’s starting to reach the first step towards his dream: to become a professional in the field of comics and illustrations. The inspirations are multiple: you just can’t make a list, it would be endless. He publishes his illustrations with Turin’s DISTRICT GAMES, for the game WARAGE, and now has begun his adventure as writer for the NOISE PRESS. For DEAD BLOOD!