Liana Recchione

Liana Recchione is simply a cartoonist, graduated in Classical Literature at the University of L'Aquila, lives in Abruzzo, in the trees and has her head in the clouds. She has worked for several years at the International School of Comics of Pescara as a teacher in the course for the youngest and as a cartoonist and colorist for other publishing houses. In 2010 'Raven' was released, its first issue for Cagliostro E-Press. Since then she has worked for Federico Memola, creating a story of 'Agenzia Incantesimi Reloaded' and some illustrations of the two beautiful protagonists Myriam and Jasmine. she has also published another story, 'Kanon und Gigue', for Wombat Magazine. Since 2012, after winning two awards together with screenwriter Marco Ventura, she is the official cover artist of the Norby series and colorist of the LittleNorby spin-off for Manfont Edizioni, always based on Marco's scripts. In 2015 she finally managed to publish her Risenfall (Shockdom editions), while the second volume came out in self-production at the end of 2018 along with another project, this time abroad, destined for the UK market, called 'The List'. 2019 started with the collaboration with Noise Press and meanwhile started an online series on the webtoon platform on one of the most loved novels: Anne of Green Gables.