Lorenzo Maglianesi

Born in 1987, since his earliest years, he spends all of his time in front of a TV watching Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His parents, scared he might not turn out to be a very serious person, decide to separate him from his false Gods and throw him in a juvenile correction facility, guarded by horrible bearded jailers dressed as nuns. Forced to serve his term in this dark hole, he manages to find a way to reunite with his beloved heroes, starting to scrabble them on old papers with colors found in the sewers… And since then, he has never stopped. After he finished his studies, he enrolls at the Jesi’s International School of Comics and starts to hunt for some job as comic artist. Not having a great luck at it, decides to change strategy and starts drawing self-written stories… “The Quest” is the first of these.