Luca Panciroli

The beautiful tomo was born at lunchtime a distant November 1968 day. He grows eating, fleeing from cats, to whom he is allergic, and drawing skeletons and people with cloaks. This passionate passion will take him first to attend the high school and later the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. He will flee six months later. He will find his space in Milan, attending the European Design Institute. In the same years, thinking of being the world's greatest cartoonist, he decides to take part in the national award for the Pierlambicchi Prize for young comic bookmakers at the Cartoon Fair and the Great Meadow to win. Unfortunately, he will beat his nose by only arriving third, but receiving congratulations from John Buscema and Jim Steranko. He is content and enjoys. In the mid 90s, some of his short stories will be published on Schizzo and, at the same time, Marco Innocenti will contact him to collaborate on his self-produced comic book, Lenin. He will start his professional career with Ade Capone with the character of Erinni. The beautiful tomo will draw the first ten characters of Capone's character then leave the cartoon world to devote himself to his second great passion: lampredotto. "I take a sabbatical year," she said, with his mouth full. He lost count and the year became seventeen. Seventeen years of lampredotti. Our lampredotto-dependent begins to draw thanks to Pietro "Bellicapelli" Gandolfi, who wants him in the group of designers of his horror comedy The Noise. Meanwhile, a match kicked off the spark, Alessio Landi offered him a comic together with the title Winterdeth, and a series of Friday based lampredotti. Beers, waffles, comic strips, bookstores and cinemas will do the rest. Upcoming projects? Top Secret, but something boils in pots even with Massimo Rosi.