Lucio Perrimezzi

Known to be El Prostata's manager, a famous masked luchador (even if the most malicious believed both would be the same person), the bassist of the black brutal grind crust band "Evil Vaginal Desecration" (and he's the only survived member of the band because the other ones killed each other with shots of shovel: he was loved by everyone), he finally understands that writing comics is a calmer job and it permisses him to evade easily taxes. In 2008 he writes the graphic novel "Stupidomondo", with Mauro Cao's illustrations and in 2010 "Rockin’ Roads", drawed by Giulia Argnani, both published by Tunué. In 2009 he is one of the writers of "Futuro Anteriore" (Napoli Comicon, Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza). In 2013 NPE pubblishes "Il Sesto. L’amore, la vita e l’immortalità di Trevor Between" with Francesca Follini's illustrations, and he is presented as candidate as best writer for "Premio Boscarato dal Treviso Comic Book Festival 2013". In the meantime he publishes some novels e short stories and, still with Tunué (Mono, Storytellers) and with Absoluteblack. Recently he was one of the authors of "Amazzoni", published in 2015 for Passenger Press, with a story illustrated by Simone Pace. He is an underdog. He frequents that bars where the old men play briscola and, like some of them, he suddenly falls asleep.