Marco Cabras

He has always drawn without asking too many questions. He (and not only he) thinks it is pure and simple autism. Always victim of provincial elucubrations like "Did you do that? That's good! "," But... pushing makes more. " He is taken to draw comic strips, badly neglects his private life and firmly believes in the growth of stroke and technique. He does not like fossilizing on an idea, easy consensus, or sticky dough. He goes around Roma-Sardinia-Milan for some time, aware of the good grades taken at the Sassari art school before and at the International School of Comics then, spreading between small exhibitions, some published comics, waiter jobs for the right arm of Monsignor of Milan, a victim of sexual harassment when he was the gardener of the 'Avecchia, coexistence to the limit of the impossible and a few fists in the face.