Martina Fari

My name is Martina, I am constantly hungry and if I were a sandwich I would like to be a piadina alla porchetta. I was born in Bologna on 2/5/1996 and since you do not ask the age of a lady, do the calculation. Even before finishing my studies at the Academy of Art in Bologna (or in this case, starting them), I collaborated with Nupress in 2015 creating a short self-contained story entitled "Incubus", written and drawn by myself. Subsequently, in 2017, Fabrizio Capigatti caught me from social networks, starting the collaboration on the "7" webcomic, for which we expect future roses. Finally, last but not least, I had the pleasure of joining the crew of Noise Press as a designer on "The Steams Chronicles 2". Now I just have to find out what the future holds for me, we hope we can eat.