Pablito Caracciolo

Attends the Screenwriter's course at the Scuola Romana dei Fumetti. Decides then to try the road to success publishing the multi-author comic “Hollywood di Sangue”. After a while, the new comic “Reality Comics” comes out (where he begins to collaborate with the artist Federico Sabbatini); he also tastes the big win with the editorial staff of “Il Male di Vauro e Vincino”, where they accept one small satiric story… unluckily the homonymous magazine is closed down, preventing its publication. He’s currently working at a series titled “Il Bello, Il Brutto, il Cattivo” (on the site “Verticalismi”), drawn by Federico Sabbatini. He has published the web-comic titled “Chi ha Ucciso Babbo Natale”, illustrated by Sara Terranova.