Paolo Maini

Half-blooded Italia/swiss and born in 1983 in Lombardia but lives in Emilia Romagna, before leaving Paolo is so confused. After he takes Jurisprudence studies he decides getting complaints is better than making them, so he leaves law direction to dedicate completely to his older passion: comics. After he graduates in Screenwriting at "Scuola Comics di Reggio Emilia" he starts to apply the esoteric art writing stories (mainly lost in a B├╝cherverbrennungen in1933) someone had the honour to read but will never be readed... but the damage in done! Paolo is the creator of the serie NERD BASH that won the price of "Autori e Editori - Edition 2013 of Milano Fullcomics&Games" as "Best serie for kids", screenwriter in the collective project Passenger Press: AMAZZONI (2015). Among other things he is a candidate Sith, a hard smorker and a chastened cannibal... what else?