Riccardo Frezza

Born in 1982, he has always been obsessed by drawing staining everything he takes, from his mate' smocks, school books and desks to the bulletin board at University. Riccardo found himself with a graduation in Computer Engineering informatica and he starts to develop software not knowing why (obviously sketching on the white-board of his office). In 2008 he is awareness of his problem and he decides to join the "Anonymous Ink Splatters" (Scuola internazionale di Comics of Roma) and in 2011 he cames out worsen. In 2015 he leaves his job to dedicate to the full-time splattering and, in the same year, begins with Edizioni Starcomics in the serie "Roberto Recchioni presenta: I Maestri dell'Orrore" with the volume "Lo Strano Caso del Dottor Jekyll e del Signor Hyde". Now he continues to scribble.