Veronica Frizzo

As a girl I was fascinated with Mickey Mouse’s adventures, in love with that magical world, a reign of pure fantasy. One day, as I was following the investigations of Topomistery, I found myself in front of a gigantic mutating ice cream that tried to attack me, the only way out was… eat it all up. Since then I’ve acquired super powers, and since “from a great appetite comes great responsibilities” (as the ice-cream man said) I turned to the light side and started to protect the city as VeronicatheSuperhero! As every masked vigilante I hide my true identity with a regular job and life, in the vests of an illustrator (theater show posters or cartoons for the newspaper Metro) and comic artist (like Iron Hand Superhero edited by ProGlo or Operation Moulin Rouge for Arcana Press) and as teacher for the Scuola Romana dei Fumetti’s Junior classes.