Vincenzo Federici

Vincenzo draws over and over again and spends his days inventing stories, reading comics and playing street soccer with strange characters who call him "The Ninja" for his passion for the famous mutant Turtles and for his sufficiently questionable performances during the matches. Duringthe school years he makes the macabre decision to bacome a cartoonist and, after he graduates at High School of Art and the University Degree at Academy of Art in Naples, he start his career collaborating with Scuola Italiana di Comix ("Nero Napoletano"), Editions Du Triomphe ("La Grande Fresque de la Marine"), Zenescope, Soleil Editions ("Androïdes- Les Larmes de Kielko") e Petit à Petit ("Rouen"). Now he hopes not to make crazy drawing the datails of the comic in two volumes "L'Égyptienne" (Nouveau Monde). Kabuki, the personal project he will achieve for Noise Press , the first work he is both writing and drawing, is the result of an hallucinatory state started years ago, due to his excessive passion for 2D fighting videogames; this project became reality in 2014 and the creation and writing absolutely confirms his unsavoury nerdness! He hopes with all his heart not to get his ass kicked once the volume will be in the hands of readers.